If you love big homes, you'll love this place.

I mean, it's so huge it's the biggest of its kind, and it just underwent a significant glow-up just a few years ago.

Do you need more hints as to what I'm talking about?

Last one, OK?

You can't buy this home, it'll never go on the market but surely you can go and take a tour if you like.

If you're still stumped, I'm talking about The Illinois Governor's Mansion in Springfield.


Nestled between Springfield’s brick-paved streets and the State Capitol, the Illinois Governor's Mansion is the third-oldest state governor's residence in the United States and the oldest gubernatorial residence in the Midwest.


Take a look and you'll see an absolutely gorgeous and colossal home and when I mean "colossal" I mean, gigantic, ginormous, ridiculous, etc.

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It's also the biggest private residence in Illinois according to 24/7 Tempo.

They listed the Governor's Mansion at a whopping 45,000 square feet.

The mansion is so big, it is the Biggest Governor's Mansion in America according to Movoto.

The mansion is 20,000 square feet bigger than the second largest governor's mansion and the estimated value is apparently $5.4M.


Illinois governors have been calling this mansion home since 1855, and those of you who are actually paid attention in history class will know that this means, and yes, President Lincoln himself visited this mansion.

The mansion hasn’t been the governor of Illinois main home for several years, but it’s still used occasionally.


Check out the Governor's Mansion for yourself. Tours are on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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