As if you needed another reason to take a trip to Hobby Lobby, Dolly Parton is giving you one more.

Dolly Parton is, without question, a national treasure. Everyone knows who she is and a lot of her songs. She's been a household name for decades. Now, she's finding new ways to become a household name. Dolly has partnered up with Hobby Lobby to bring you a new line of kitchenware.

Now, we all know someone who has a Hobby Lobby addiction. There's those people who go there all of the time and who's entire house is practically decorated with Hobby Lobby items. I'm not going to lie, my home has so many things from Hobby Lobby too. From their seasonal items to everyday decorations, the store really does have a lot to offer. Now, with the partnership with Dolly Parton, it's giving fans of both one more reason to hit the store up.

The new Dolly Parton kitchenware line at Hobby Lobby features nearly forty items that are all inspired by Dolly herself. Some of the things a part of this kitchenware line include essential kitchen items such as plates, bowls, and coffee mugs. She also has several guitar shaped items such as a serving tray, salt and pepper shakers, and a chip and dip platter. There's also several towels and other kitchen items too. Oh and yes, butterflies are of course placed all throughout most of these items a part of the new collection. How could you have something put out by Dolly without butterflies, right?

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You can visit Hobby Lobby or visit the store's website to take a look at the new Dolly Parton kitchenware collection now.


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