My husband and I are busy people. We both work full-time, run our daughter around to practices, lessons, and games, and try to keep up with all the demands of life. Sometimes, we forget to take time to do fun things together. But, it's so important to spend quality time decompressing with your significant other.

Now, a lot of times we'd go out to dinner but recently my husband found out he has Celiac disease and our options of dining outside the home have been downsized significantly. Going out to eat, though, was awesome because it was a time that I didn't have to worry about cooking or cleaning up and I LOVE trying new food.

We did find that if we go out to eat on a date night, it sometimes turned a little awkward because there's not much to talk about. We've been married forever and any time I want or need to discuss something with him, I just do it and vice versa. So, we have found that we have a lot of fun when we DO something. Usually, we go to the movies but it's also fun to get out and explore.

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I went through and put together a list of date ideas for both long-time couples and new couples. If you are newly dating, (just a little tip) picking something a bit out there can be fun, challenging, and show off the adventurous side of you (or lack thereof). It also shows that you are creative and receptive to what the other person likes to do.

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