Everyone loves a good old-fashioned monster story, right?  For years and years, we have heard of things like the Lock Ness Monster, the Abominable Snowman, and the end all be all Bigfoot.  But, did you know that Indiana has our very own creature of folklore and you could own the lake he lives in?

So, for starters, I am talking about the “Beast of Busco.”  A 500-hundred-pound snapping turtle that supposedly lived or lives in Fulk Lake just 15 miles outside of Fort Wayne Indiana.  The lake along with 37 acres of wilderness is currently up for sale.  Imagine it - you could have your own wilderness escape that just so happens to come with a new pet.

One issue you might run into though is that the 44 acres of wilderness will cost you a million dollars. Ouch.  But if you can swing it, you will be able to say you own a piece of Hoosier folklore.  Take that for what it’s worth. See the listing here. 

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If you don’t know much about the “Beast of Busco,” It was first seen back in 1898 by a man named Oscar Fulk.  Unfortunately for him, he had no proof of what he really saw.  Just like most monster sightings.  It then took 50 years for someone else to claim that they had seen the huge turtle.  Gale Harris and his pastor supposedly saw the “Beast of Busco” from Harris’s roof.  They claimed that the turtle was as big as a dining room table and that its head was the same size as a kid’s head.  I would not want that thing swimming near me!

Many attempts to catch the giant turtle have been made over the years and, of course, no one has found him.  So, if you end up buying the land and lake make sure you keep a sharp eye out for the monstrous turtle.

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