Hiking has been a family favorite of ours since I was a child. All over the county, you can find amazing hiking trails. We've been hiking in many states including California, Colorado, West Virginia, Vermont, Tennessee, and more. But, there are some amazing hiking trails right here in Indiana and Illinois too. Wouldn't it be great to have a hiking trail that spans east to west. much like the Appalachian Trail going north to south? Well, that is exactly what is happening.

The Great American Rail-Trail, running east to west, will be almost 4000 miles of trails that will connect twelve states. Indiana's part of the trail will go from central Indiana to the northern part of the Hoosier state. Illinois' trail will be located in the northern part of the Land of Lincoln.

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Take a look. Notice the completed lines show the finished trail, while the jagged lines are the incomplete trail.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources/Facebook
Indiana Department of Natural Resources/Facebook

According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Facebook page,

Indiana is one of just 12 states along a multi-use trail that will stretch more than 3,700 miles across the country. The Great American Rail-Trail (GRT) route is 54% complete in Indiana w/116 miles open on the 215 route. Although GRT is perhaps the most ambitious, it is just one of several multi-state and visionary trails in progress around Indiana

You can download the map HERE and explore an interactive map HERE.


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