If you grew up in Evansville chances are you have fond memories of skating at Skate World, now it can be yours! 

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Skate World is located on Evansville's east side. According to the listing they opened their doors in 1999.  If you're around my age, you were 9 when they opened and throughout the early 2000's you spent nearly every weekend skating around Skate World.

So many fond memories! And Skate World may be listed for sale, but they're showing no signs of slowing down! They've got a full Summer schedule that's jam packed with deals from $1 admission on Wednesdays to Summer Day Skates on Thursday for $5!

According to the listing for $875,000 this gem can be yours! It comes with all the equipment, skate rink, lockers, and DJ Booth too!  Owning my own skating rink sounds like 12 year old Melissa's dream come true! And honestly to this day, could you imagine the awesome parties you could have?!

Either way this little awesome piece of Evansville is for sale, and if it's been your dream to own a business, here's your opportunity! Check out the full listing for Skate World, here!

In the mean time, supporting local businesses is cool, and if you haven't been to Skate World recently, it's probably time to go back!


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