After three weekends of ticket sales, the Evansville Hadi Shrine announced the winning ticket number for their Hadi Half-Pot Monday morning.

Using the success of the West Side Nut Club's last two half-pot's, the local chapter of the international non-profit hosted the drawing in an effort to fill the fundraising gap caused by the cancellation of nearly all their other fundraising events over the past 14 months due to the COVID pandemic, including their largest, the annual Hadi Shrine Circus that takes place annually at the Ford Center during Thanksgiving Weekend.

The total pot finished at $200,145 when ticket sales concluded Sunday night at 8:00 meaning the winner has now found themselves with an extra $100,072.50 in their bank account. Of course, the federal and state government will want their cut, so when all is said and done, their actual winnings will be a five-digit number instead of six. But, it will still be a good chunk of cash they didn't have before.

Who is the winner? It could be you if you're holding this winning ticket number:


The winning number was drawn Monday morning at 10:00 and shared on the Hadi Shrine's social media channels as well as the group's Hadi Half-Pot website.

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The winner has 30 days to claim their half. Whether or not we'll know the identity of the winning ticket holder is unknown. Each state has its own rules regarding winners of large cash prizes like this or the lottery going public, some require they do, while others, like Indiana, allow them to remain anonymous. Neither of the West Side Nut Club's half pot winners, both of which took home north of half a million dollars revealed their identities.

Whomever the winning ticket holder is, congratulations on your big payday!

[Source: Hadi Half-Pot]

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