Well, well, well.  Look who is at it again with trying to make sure that their yogurt is the brand of all brands.  Once again, Yoplait is pulling at our heartstrings by creating a yogurt that not only appeals to our inner child but to all of us candy addicts as well.

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As if it wasn’t exciting enough news learning that Trix yogurt was making a comeback, Yoplait has to go ahead and create something based on one of the greatest candies of all time.  Skittles yogurt will be coming to a dairy aisle near you.  It’s something we never knew that we wanted but here we are.

The new candy-inspired yogurt will be available in two flavor options: Original and Wild Berry.  Clearly, these are based on two of the more popular Skittles cany options.  However, there is no word as of yet if the yogurt will be a combination of all the flavors that you find in Original or Wild Berry Skittles.  From what I am gathering, it looks as though the Original flavor yogurt will be based on the Strawberry Skittle.  As for Wild Berry, it will be based on the Wild Cherry Skittle.

It will be very interesting to see if the Skittles yogurt is any good or not.  I have a feeling it will be but I don’t know if it will taste exactly like the candy, we know and love.  Either way, I am sure that it will be hard for grocery stores to keep it on their shelves.

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