Have you asked your father (or maybe your husband) what he wants for Father's Day? My wife recently asked me, and my answer is the same every year - I just want to spend some quality time with my family - I would imagine a lot of dads want that. I certainly don't need a tie, or socks, or underwear, or tools - I really don't need any material possessions. What I do need is my crew. We don't even have to do anything special - simply hanging out together would make me happy. Maybe we could watch a movie.

There was a time when Fridays at the G house were designated as pizza and a movie night. I'd pick up some pies on the way home from work, we'd all gather in the basement and figure out what movie to watch - it was pretty friggin' sweet. Things change though, and while Friday is still pizza night, the movie aspect has kinda just faded away. So, if I have the chance to watch some flicks this Father's Day weekend, what should we watch?

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I've put together a list of 10 movies that would be perfect to watch on Father's Day. While you're looking through the list, keep one thing in mind - these are all movies that I have seen. I'm sure there are other, better Father's Day movies that I haven't seen, so they didn't make my list. The list does feature a little bit of everything - drama, comedy, action, and even a couple of animated flicks. The movies will probably affect each dad differently - and even if you aren't a father, you'll probably get hit in the feels by at least one of these titles.

10 Perfect Movies to Watch on Father's Day

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