Anytime a celebrity visits the Tri-State it's a big deal, Okay, I'll admit it's probably a bigger deal to me, since I'm obsessed with celebrities. I think it is especially cool when a famous person just shows up at a local restaurant, like Dennis Quaid did last year. He had a very specific reason for being in Evansville - Love. So, when I found out that an actor had been in Princeton, I had to find out why.

I'm from Princeton, and let me tell you, there is not a lot going on. There is a beautiful courthouse on the square, and this past weekend would've been Golden Heritage Days, but COVID cancelled that. It was always a big deal to get to go out and eat at Ponderosa (Now closed) or Bob Evans. So, hearing that a celebrity chose to eat Bob Evans isn't too surprising. The fact that an actual actor was in my hometown is big news.

If you didn't grow up watching Boy Meets World, you might not recognize Ben Savage. Yes, he is the little brother of Fred Savage. Clearly, he has a fan base around here, because he had Princeton all abuzz when he stopped by for breakfast on Saturday. When Savage posted a pic on Instagram shouting out the Bob Evans in Princeton, everyone had the same question - Why is here here?

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Breakfast at Bob’s

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This isn't the first time Ben Savage has visited Gibson County. Around this time last year, he posted a pic in Owensville. So was this visit to Gibson County for work, love or is he still "Exploring Indiana"? From the information that I've gathered from my social media investigation, it appears to be love.

FB Canva
FB Canva

Ben also enjoyed some grub from Roca Bar North. That is so close to my house, I missed my chance to meet him, but I'll bet he'll be back.

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