My family loves to hike. We will often go to state parks, in both Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky, to walk on the awesome trails. But, nothing beats hiking in a place where you make your own path.

Those places are hard to come by, but when you do, it's great. Usually, you find those places through someone you know who lets you hike on their land. Otherwise, be careful because you could be trespassing if you don't have permission. Even if there are signs posted, you could still get into trouble. Always get permission from the owner.

I've come across, some pretty cool things while on a hike. Once, I came across an abandoned well. It looked just like the one in the movie, The Ring. So creepy, but so cool. I have come across many old barns and even a few small family graveyards. The one thing I have never come across, though, is a random creepy statue.

One of the members of my favorite Facebook group, Abandoned Kentucky, came across a very creepy statue on a friend's property. wife is friends with the family that own the property the statue is located on, from what I understand is that it's been there 20 years or longer, I noticed it a few years ago when the leaves were off the trees and just recently decided to go back and look for it and by chance found it right away.

I'm not really sure what to make of it. From a distance, it looks very scary. But close up, it looks even crazier and scarier. No one seems to know the story behind it.


Creepy Staure In Kentucky Woods Remains a Mystery


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