You really have to be prepared for any situation when you are a Sheriff's Deputy. Jennifer Robb with the Gibson County Sheriff's Department knows this all too well. She has found herself on a couple of interesting calls lately.

Back in May, she removed a snake from a yard in Princeton. The snake was bigger than she is, but it was no big deal for Deputy Robb.

While not as terrifying as handling a giant snake, fixing a tire takes a whole other skill set. Fun Fact: I couldn't do either of those things when I volunteered as a Reserve for the same department. You have to have a super power just to survive the heat in all of the gear!

Photo: Liberty
Photo: Liberty

On Sunday, Deputy Robb's ability to fix a flat tire was showcased by Billy Wade, who runs the 4 States Fire and Emergency Photography Facebook page. His photos tell the story of Jennifer going above and beyond. I'm sure she could've just called a tow truck or AAA, but she handled the job herself.

Good News: Deputy Goes Above and Beyond for Motorist

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