The world can't get enough of Joe Exotic. Once the Tiger King hype fades away, something else happens to bring him back in the spotlight.

It's been months since the Netflix "Tiger King" documentary hit the streaming service. It was such an entertaining show that it almost made us forget about COVID-19 for a bit and make us despise Carole Baskin as much as we despised the virus. Joe Exotic and his crazy cast of characters from the documentary have become household names. Now, we have another opportunity to take a step inside the world of Joe Exotic.

Animal Planet will be releasing a new documentary called "Surviving Joe Exotic". The show will focus on the animals that once lived at the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park with Joseph Maldonado-Passage, or as we like to call him, Joe Exotic.

The documentary was filmed four months prior to Joe Exotic being arrested over the infamous, Carole Baskin murder-for-hire plot in which Joe is serving a 22-year sentence in a Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas prison. He's still waiting on President Trump to grant him a pardon, but that's a different story.

This was one of the final interviews Joe did before he was arrested. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this documentary is based on never-before-seen footage filmed in 2018 for Animal Planet's "Wolves and Warriors". In addition to the Exotic interview, "Surviving Joe Exotic" will  also feature interviews from former G.W. Zoo employees, including Saff Saffery...yes, the one who lost an arm to one of Joe Exotic's tigers.

The special will introduce viewers to surviving animals such as visually impaired tigers Kryxis and Kadira, whose vision was restored after rescue from the G.W. Zoo through surgery at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana, as well as Chobe and Kariba, who were relocated to the Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary in Oregon.

"Surviving Joe Exotic" premieres on July 25 on Animal Planet. You can see the preview for the documentary below.

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