With COVID-19 cases surging once again across the country, and the CDC suggesting that wearing a mask is an important tool in slowing the spread of the virus, many states and communities across the country, including the state of Kentucky and the city of Evansville, are implementing face mask policies for residents. Those policies automatically apply to local businesses in those areas, but it's up to national retail chains who have multiple locations across the country to implement their own blanket policies to get customers to mask up.

Over the past week, several of them, most of which have multiple locations in the Tri-State, have announced such policies.Like dominoes it seemed as soon as one made their announcement, more and more followed suit which can make keeping track of who does and who doesn't difficult. To make things easier, here's the full list of those businesses you can bookmark and keep handy when you need it.

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Full List of Stores Requiring Customers Wear Masks While Shopping

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