There's always something fun to do at Wesselman Woods. Whether you want to check out the nature center or go walking the trails, or take the kids to the new playscape, you could spend a whole day there and not run out of fun ways to connect with nature.  For adults and kids alike, there's so much to do and see there.  This event however is for the adults to enjoy!

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Wesselman Woods is hosting their 12th annual Wandering Owl Twilight Tasting event, and it is coming up on October 16th from 3-7 PM If you've never had the chance to check out Wandering Owl, you are missing out! It's such a fun event, where you get to basically take a trail and sample all kinds of delicious beer, wines, and food along the way.

Here's what you can expect to see at the Wandering Owl Twilight Tasting:

  • Celebrate this cultural and natural treasure in Evansville while savoring great food, beer, and wine in our Nature Playscape.

  • Participate in a live Support Auction during the event that will help fund our future projects and programming.

  • Enjoy special encounters with our resident wildlife.

  • Listen to live acoustic music from the local entertainment scene.

Tickets are not yet available for this event, but keep an eye on the Wesselman Woods Facebook page for when they do go on sale as you'll definitely want to snatch yours up! And in the meantime, they are looking for vendors and sponsors for the event, so if you have a business that would like to help or be a part of the event, you can find all the sponsorship information on Wesselman Woods' website, here.

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