Another Chance for Animals is a foster-based rescue in Evansville that pulls animals from Evansville Animal Control.  They do a lot of great work helping make sure the homeless animals in our community get a second chance.  They're now helping more animals by hosting a low-cost vaccine clinic on September 18th.  Money seems to be tight for just about everyone right now, and when you have pets you know what a hit your pocketbook can take when their vaccines are due, this is a way to make sure your pets are up to date on their shots without breaking the bank.

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The low-cost vaccine clinic will take place on September 18th from 11 AM- 2 PM at the Vanderburgh County 4h Grounds.  Here's what will be offered and the prices:

  • $15 5-way vaccine for dogs
  • $15 bordatella (Kennel cough) vaccine for dogs
  • $15 3-way vaccine for cats
  • $15 rabies vaccine for both dogs and cats
  • $15 microchips (which help get your pet home to you)

If your pet's vaccines are due this is a great way to get them up to date and save some money too.  And if your pets aren't due for their shots, but they aren't microchipped, please consider getting them microchipped.

If you aren't sure what microchipping your animal means, microchipping is a great way to make sure that if your pet were to get out, they can get back to you. It's a small chip that's implanted under the skin, and you upload your info onto it.  That way if your dog or cat were to get out and didn't have their collar on, someone can take them to any shelter or vet and have them scanned, and your information will be on them when they scan the chip. It really is a great way to help make sure your pet


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