I've said it before and I'll say it again...I will shout it from the rooftops, and I'll tell anyone that asks me - the Little League World Series is one of my absolute favorite things to watch all year. The 2021 LLWS starts this week and I would encourage anyone, whether you're a fan of baseball or not, to watch some of the games. Now, I admit I might be a little biased - I grew up in a baseball family and now have my own baseball-loving family - but the LLWS really does provide some great television moments.

In a world of uber-competitive travel baseball, year-round lessons and practices, and often overbearing parents, the LLWS does an amazing job of reminding all of us that these are just kids, playing a kid's game. The talent and athleticism are some of the best in the country - the sportsmanship is even better.

In addition to the stellar young people we will see on the field, this year's LLWS will also showcase some talented young people off the field, behind the microphone. ESPN announced they will use some young broadcasters for a couple of special KidCasts. The first will take place during the MLB Little League Classic which features the Los Angeles Angels and Cleveland Indians playing a game in front of all the LLWS athletes. That game will be Sunday night, August 22nd on ESPN. The other KidCast will take place during a LLWS game on Tuesday, August 24th.

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I'll be honest, I feel a little extra hyped for this year's world series - it was canceled last year and so my Little League baseball tank was on E. It's slowly been filling up over the last week as I watched the regional games from around the country. Now all the teams are in Williamsport, and I'm ready to top my tank off with that good, premium-grade stuff. Let's play some friggin' ball!

The Little League World Series is scheduled from August 19-29 on various ESPN channels and on ABC.

[h/t: Williamsport Sun-Gazette]

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