With the Evansville Job Fair on the horizon, let me give you some tips on what NOT to do in a job interview. CareerBuilder released its annual list of the weirdest things people have done in job interviews. The sad part about all of this is that people have ACTUALLY done this things thinking that they would still have a shot at the job!

Job Seekers Apply For Open Positions At Career Fair In San Francisco
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Here are the top ten:


1.  Someone ate crumbs off a table during their interview.

2.  Someone claimed an interviewer's AURA didn't like them, and wanted to know why.

3.  A woman kept taking her sunglasses off, and putting them back on again.

4.  A guy brought an entire pizza with him, and didn't even offer to share it.

5.  A guy asked where the closest bar was.

6.  A woman said she deserved the job, because her hair was perfect.

7.  A guy stopped the interview to call his wife and ask if the salary was enough.

8.  A guy brought some of his childhood toys to the interview.

9.  Someone bragged about how they made the paper once, for stealing an old woman's treadmill.

10.  A guy told a woman she might not get into HEAVEN if she didn't hire him.


The survey also found the top three ways to ruin your chances in an interview are to get caught lying, to answer a phone call or a text, and to come across as arrogant or entitled. So now that you know these things, you are one step ahead of some of the competition at the job fair this year.

The annual Townsquare Media Community Job Fair sponsored by GMS Mine Repair is coming to the Holiday Inn Airport on January 31, 2019 from 1-6 PM.




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