Any time there's a moment that puts the general public in harm's way, there are those among us who step up and rise to the challenge; putting their own lives at risk in an effort to keep the rest of us safe. Police officers do it every time a call about a car accident or another dangerous situation comes across their radio. Firefighters do it every time a fire alarm goes off. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, it's been the doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers who have risked their own health and well-being to go face-to-face with the virus as they work countless hours around the clock to help those who have contracted it get through it and return to their lives. They have been the true heroes of the past year, and one Girl Scout in Evansville wants to thank them for what they've done and continue to do in their own special way, but they need your help.

Troop 484 out of Holy Rosey Catholic School is looking to provide a sweet thank you to these everyday heroes by giving them boxes of their world-famous cookies. The troop has set themselves a goal of 500 boxes and is hoping you will help cover the cost by making a monetary donation. Boxes are $5 each which means the troop would need $2,500 in donations in order to meet their goal.

The troop is accepting cash donations, as well as through Facebook Pay, or Venmo to Heather Barnett at @heather-barnett-40. Each box donated will also come with a thank you letter handwritten by members of the troop.

[Source: Girl Scout Troop 484]

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