So far we've lucked out with some pretty mild temperatures this winter, but after New Year's Day winter quickly showed back up and reminded us that it's time to bundle up! Temperatures were in the 20s today, and to be honest, anything under 50 hurts my feelings. The cold weather has a lot of us looking forward to warmer weather and all of the events that come with warm weather. Not that I'm counting, but there are exactly 76 days until the first day of Spring.

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With warmer temperatures also comes warm-weather fun. In the tri-state, we have many fun sporting events that take place like catching an Otters game at Bosse Field or heading out to Tri-State Speedway to catch the races.  Tri-State Speedway is also looking forward to warmer temps because they just announced their 2022 racing schedule.

Here's the schedule for 2022 at Tri-State Speedway:

  • April 23 World of Outlaw Sprints - MMSA Mini Sprints
  • April 30 Spring Showdown- USAC/MSCS Sprints- MMSA Mini Sprints
  • May 14 Midwest Madness- MSCS Sprints $3,000 Win-MMSA Mini Sprints
  • May 29- Memorial Weekend Classic - MSCS Sprints $3,000 win, Modifieds $1,000 win, MMSA Mini Sprints
  • June 5- USAC Midget Week + MSCS Sprints
  • June 25- Summer Shootout- MSCS $3,000 Win, MMSA Mini Sprints $2,000 Win
  • July 10- Late Model Summer Nations + Summite Modifieds $1,500 win
  • July 30- USAC Sprint Week + MMSA Mini Sprints
  • August 13- Hoosier Sprint Nationals $5,000 win, IMCA Racesavers, MMSA Mini Sprints
  • September 4- Labor Day Weekend Challenge- MSCS $3,000 win, Modifieds $1,000 win
  • September 17- Haubstadt Hustler MSCS-USAC Sprints $12,000 win, MMSA Mini Sprints (rain date September 18)
  • October 8- The Harvest Cup- MSCS Sprints $5,000 win, USAC Midgets MMSA Mini Sprints (rain date October 9)

So there you have it, the 2022 schedule from Tri-State Speedway! World of Outlaw tickets will go on sale on February 21st.  In the meantime, you can follow the Tri-State Speedway Facebook page for any and all updates to the racing schedule, and stay up to date on ticket sales.

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