Its a crazy time we live in. Some of us are doing our jobs from home (remotely) because of the coronavirus COVID-19. Even if you are an Essential Worker, who's job requires you be at work every day, social distancing and self quarantine have shaken up our daily routines. Although we were unprepared for the way we are working today, we are sill hard at it and proving that together we WILL get though this.

We have created a photo gallery of At Work Selfies so we can celebrate each other on the job. Whether you are an essential worker and still going to your workplace everyday, or you are at home making it happen everyday, we applaud you. Keep up the good work Tristate.

If you would like to submit selfie for the gallery, take a pic of yourself at your current place of work, and send it HERE or through the WKDQ APP.



Tristate at Work

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