Just a short 40 minute drive from Evansville in Ferdinand Indiana, you'll find one of the most unique breweries in the area, St. Benedict's Brew Works. According to their website, it's believed to be the only craft brewery in the U.S. that sits on the grounds of a women's religious community as it's located on the grounds of the Sister's of St. Benedict.

I had the chance to drive up and visit over last Summer, and it was such a fun place.  They serve up delicious brews, food, and even witty puns.  They definitely have a sense of humor, and it plays in nicely and respectfully with their location. One of the things I also appreciated was their variety of beverages. They didn't just have beer, they had wines as well. So if you're a beer enthusiast but your significant other isn't, they had a great variety to accommodate everyone. I tried the blueberry tart and it was so good!

Be sure to follow them on Facebook if you're interested in driving up, that way you can know about their current policies in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


See Inside St. Benedict's Brew Works


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