Fans of the drive in will be happy to know that Holiday Drive In will be opening up for the season very soon.
I can not wait to go on opening night to watch two great movies for one low price and, of course, to enjoy my personal favorite: the double cheeseburgers...especially after the year we have had so far.

The six screen drive in theater announced that opening night of the 2020 season will be on Friday, May 8th.

They just announced the movies that will be playing on opening weekend, as well as the social distancing rules and regulations. These are important things for everyone who plans on going to the drive in this weekend. Here's what they had to say:

We have to run things a little differently during this time, but please know we are doing this to protect everyone and their families so please be respectful and let’s all work together and we will get through this!

-first, we will have to limit the concessions as we must keep six feet apart and no more than ten people inside at once. So we ask if you can, only one adult per vehicle in the concession at one time. We will have everything taped off to ensure you where to stand. Please have your cash out before you get to the register.

-the bathrooms will also be sectioned off six feet apart.

-we will have our walk up concessions stand (located behind screen 6) and we will have it sectioned to ensure the six feet apart rule as well.

- we ask if you do want to sit outside your car to watch the movie please sit in front of your vehicle and do not space out any further so distance yourself from the people next to you.

As far as what will be playing this weekend, it will be a great weekend for family films at the Holiday Drive In:

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