Remember Kisska? She was the sweet, senior pit-mix that was adopted from It Takes a Village in 2013. Fast forward to 2019, and she was found on the streets of L.A., and ended up in a kill shelter. Thankfully, Kisska was micro chipped, and the great volunteers arranged for Kisska to come back to Evansville on a cross-country ride in a semi.

KISSKA ITV Photo: Liberty

Once she was back at the shelter, I was certain that she would be scooped up immediately. She had a meet & greet with us at Pet Food Center. She even met the sold out crown at the Miranda Lambert concert at the Ford Center. Kisska had heart worms, and needed some time to heal from that.

KISSKA ITV Photo: Liberty

We had many conversations at my house about this sweet doggie, with such an amazing story. If we thought that Harlie and Kisska could get along, this would be a different story.

KISSKA ITV Photo: Liberty

It seems that Kisska has a higher calling, and it's so perfect for her. It Takes a Village shared an amazing update:

 Father Gene Schroeder came to ITV looking for a dog to keep with him at St. Joseph Catholic Church. He met and fell in love with Kisska. Pretty much everyone who meets her instantly loves her so we were not surprised by this!

Father Schroeder took Kisska home to foster her. At the church fish fry (prior to the pandemic), Kisska was a big hit and the parishioners just loved her! Not that Father Schroeder needed too much convincing, but this little girl had won him over and he knew she was in her forever home.

Father Schroeder recently made it official and little Kisska is homeless no more! Kisska will be working on training to become a certified therapy dog.

So, even in a time of national crisis, there is hope for all animals, even the little senior dog who found herself heartworm positive, alone and scared wondering the streets of Los Angeles, California!


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