Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb released his "Back on Track" plan to start reopening the state last Friday. While the five phase plan provides a light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel for Hoosiers, assuming we all continue to be diligent and practice the guidelines for social distancing, the multi-page documents can be a little hard to digest all at once. Fortunately, the state has provided a simplified infographic that makes it easy to understand.

Governor Holcomb released the graphic below on his Facebook page Tuesday morning. It condenses the mountain of information released last week into easy-to-read rows and columns showing what will open, when it can open, and in some cases, at what capacity it can operate phase by phase. They even included a handy key along the top that clearly defines the various capacity stages.

( via Governor Eric Holcomb on Facebook)
( via Governor Eric Holcomb on Facebook)

While this graphic does make grasping the state's plan much easier, Reddit user, eobanb, noted in the Indiana subreddit the graphic does appear to borrow its style heavily from one created by Carson TerBush, a journalist who writes for Indiana University's independent student newspaper, the Indiana Daily Student. TerBush posted her graphic on Twitter last Friday night, roughly six hours after the release of the plan, and three days before the Indiana Daily Student published it on their website. Take a look and see what you think.

The similarity between her graphic and the state's did not go unnoticed.

Regardless of where the state got their inspiration, either one you choose to look at make the Governor's administration plans on getting things back up and running much easier on the eyes, and definitely easier to understand.

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