I have always been fascinated with tree houses.When we ere little,  my brother and I made a tree house in the back pasture. It was mom approved because it wasn't in located high in the branches, but rather IN the tree. It was a huge rotted out hollow stump that had one side gone, providing an opening and walls. Genius, right?

When Tree House Masters came to Animal Planet, I was glued to the TV, dreaming of my own amazing, adult size tree house someday. Well, I have yet to build one, plus the design and features I would want are pretty expensive. I would have to sell my house.

Here is what I mean, I love this one.

Coming Spring of 2020, I won't have to go broke building one these, I will be able to rent one. Animal Planet's Pete Nelson is working on eight different tree house rentals  in Gatlinburg, TN. Take a look. .

Other tree house's you can rent now in and around Gatlinburg, TN.

Or, go glamping.

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