If you are visiting Gatlinburg, you might want to add this to the list of places to visit!

Perhaps you have seen a post on Facebook going viral about "A Walk Between The Trees" in Tennessee. It looks gorgeous. Trees are connected by bridges that people can walk across and soak in the scenery. The bridges are also lit up at night making it look magical. See for yourself:

Beautiful, right? Well if you want to see it in person, you'll have to travel a little further than Tennessee. It's actually located in Orchid Forrest in Indonesia.

It's just another reminder that you can't believe everything you see on social media. However, that doesn't mean that you won't find a very similar view in Tennessee...

There's a place in Gatlinburg called Anakeesta that offers a view similar to what you see above. High atop the mountains at Anakeesta, you will find a 6 bridge Treetop Skywalk. The views are breathtaking. You should definitely add this place to your list of places to see when visiting Gatlinburg. On top of the treetop bridges, they also offer ziplines, a treehouse adventure, mountain coaster, and more outdoor adventures the whole family can enjoy. Check it out for yourself!

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Check Out The Treetop Bridges In Gatlinburg

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