Evansville firefighters will demonstrate the proper use of fireworks and copies of the local fireworks ordinance will be available at the Traveling City Hall meeting tonight, Wednesday, June 26, from 5:30pm-7pm at Howell General Baptist Church, 1520 Delmar Ave.

After an introduction of city department heads and elected officials, Evansville Fire Chief Mike Connelly will share some sobering facts about fireworks and local fireworks-related injuries and fires. The presentation will include a demonstration on how to properly clear an area before igniting fireworks; igniting, handling and disposing of fireworks; and the importance of having a nearby water supply.

Following the presentation, the public will have the opportunity to speak individually with city leaders about specific issues or talk about the general status of the community.

Traveling City Hall meetings are held in different neighborhoods throughout the city on the last Wednesday of each month from 5:30 to 7 p.m., and all city residents are welcome to attend any session. The next meeting will be July 31 at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 918 W. Mill Road.

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