Let me be the first to admit that I struggle with the self-checkout lane. I have been known to line up wrong, I never know if there is 1 line or 1 line per lane. That's gotten easier with the floor directions now, though. I can't tell you how many times I've had to get help because I DID put my item in the bag, but it wasn't detected. It's like an unwritten rule that everyone at self-check has to purchase alcohol at the same time, leaving the self-check helper scrambling to help everyone at once.

Just last week at Sam's, the scanner thingy just stopped. They weren't sure what had happened, so I had to start over. My absolute favorite part of the whole self-check experience is bagging up my stuff. This usually happens to me at Meijer: everything has landed at the end of the belt, ready for me to bag, when the next customer starts their order, and starts sending stuff toward me. I have to just scoop up my things and toss them in the bags. It looks like i'm not the only person in the Tri-State with very strong feelings about only having the  self-check lane as the only option.

OPINION: The Tri-State Voices Opinions on Self-Checkout Only Stores

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