On this week's edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke we talk to a couple members of the Evansville Sports Corporation. We review the recent GLVC basketball tournament and future sporting events. We also talk about the Salvation Army's annual War on Hunger.

Jeff Whiteside and Ron Bonger were our guests for the first half of the show. These members of the Evansville Sports Corporation break down the success of the 2013 GLVC tournament. According to Bonger, they have calculated "the economic impact to be about $300,000-$400,00 for an event like the GLVC." So what's next this year and in years to come? Listen to find out.

Evansville Sports Corporation interview

Sandy Appler from the Salvation Army joined us for the second segment of the show. She gave details about the upcoming War on Hunger food drive happening this Friday at area Schnuck's locations. Listen below to our interview with Sandy, and see my previous post about the War on Hunger for more information.

Sandy Appler interview

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