Jose Cuervo is making all of our dreams come true by offering a once-in-a-lifetime train ride trough Mexico with all the tequila you can drink. 

The express ride from begins in Guadalajara to and ends, of course, in Tequila, Mexico. The best part is that tickets start at just $111, which isn't bad if you ask me...especially considering it's all you can drink. According to, the tickets can be purchased in three tiers: express, premium, and premium plus, and price points all include a round trip ride, open bar (!!!), expert tasting, tour of the Jose Cuervo distillery, and a Mexican cultural show.

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If you don't have the means to trek down to Mexico, it turns out Napa Valley also offers something similar. It might not be quite as authentic, but you still get unlimited tequila on a train. In Napa, the tour includes a three-hour trip through wine country includes a four course gourmet dinner, Casa Dragones tasting, and signature cocktail. I think either choice is a wise one.