I wonder if any of us born in this modern day would have survived life in Missouri in the 1840's. You can get a glimpse of what that might have been like as there are new videos and pictures that allow you to take a look inside one of the nicer homes almost perfectly preserved from that era.

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This is the Burgess How House. Ken from the popular This House YouTube channel gave a tour of this historic Kimmswick, Missouri home just a few days ago.

Here are some picture highlights from that tour.

Peek Inside an 1840's Pioneer Log Cabin in Missouri

The dishwasher was a water and bowl. The oven was the fireplace. And, if you were a guy wanting to date the owner's daughter, you had to earn your time with her with the courting candles which were turned up every time you visited. The higher the candle, the longer you could stay.

The mattress on the bed was supported by ropes which had to be tightened frequently. Keep in mind that this was likely one of the nicer homes in the 1840's.

I highly recommend watching all of Ken's video tour as he provides even more backstory about life inside one of these simple homes when Missouri had only been a state for about 20 years.

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