I found something that the coronavirus hasn't taken away: Spring flowers! The very popular Azalea path that is located in Gibson and Pike counties is now open for the season. Things are slightly different, of course. Here's what has changed:

  • You must maintain social distancing.
  • The restrooms are not open
  • No cart rides are available

You can drive through and see the beautiful flowers, which are just now coming into bloom. The cooler temperatures have delayed them just a bit. They do have some azaleas for sale, if you want to bring some of the beauty home.

I would love to have one of those waterfalls in my yard. Oh, and speaking of the waterfalls, you are asked to stay out of them. Why anyone would feel the need to go off the path and into the water is beyond me. This peaceful spot of nature can be found between Gibson and Pike counties. The Garden walk is $5 per person ages 5 & up (Bring exact change).

Directions to Azalea Path from I-69:

1. Take Exit 33 from I-69 toward Princeton.

2. Follow State Road 64 West to County Road 550 East.

3. Turn right heading north on County Road 550 East for 5.4 miles.

4. Turn right onto County Road 375 North.

5. County Road 375 North becomes County Road 390 North.

6. Continue on County Road 390 North for .5 miles.

7. Make a slight left onto County Road 650 East.

8. Turn right onto County Road 540 North for approximately 1 mile.

9. Azalea Path will be on right.

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