I love sharing with others how Shaped by Faith got started and the greater purpose behind it. Since it is Heart Month I decided to have Randy Lanham, producer of my TV show interview me about Shaped by Faith. It seemed sort of odd to have him sit in my host seat, but I think you will really enjoy our conversation.

I share that I have gone through 2 open heart surgeries because of a congenital heart defect I was born with, 3 holes in my heart. I talk openly about my Faith and the hope that I have in turning my life over to Christ at the age of 26.

This journey has been an incredible ride, for sure. I could not have imagined it any other way. God always exceeds our expectations, and He has allowed this Kentucky girl to do some wonderfully cool things. In the newness of my faith, I wanted and expected to glorify God, but wondered how that looked teaching my fitness classes. But I knew, even as a new Christian, that in each class He would show me how to honor Him. In the beginning I was nervous praying in front of my fitness students, but placing my trust in God was all that was needed, and when I opened my mouth, the words came from my heart.

From the moment I was transformed from the old to the new life, an energized new confidence and security rose up in me. It was this holy tenacity that still spurs me on today!

In the early days of my ministry I saturated in His Word and this helped me move into my identity in Christ. The fire inside to share Jesus with others still burns red hot within me. Everyone needs hope, everyone needs to be renewed, and everyone needs to know they are loved and valued by God!

As you can see, I get excited talking about Jesus, and waiting for God’s timing can be a challenge for me. Naturally, listening and staying obedient to His plan has been the key to expanding Shaped by Faith. But God has given me a good husband, who reminds me to be patient, and let God be God in His timing.

God has given me the Shaped by Faith platform as a unique way to reach women. My failures and past mistakes have sharpened and molded me, preparing the way for brighter tomorrows. I know now these failures were steps to greater heights! God has truly shaped me by Faith. Shaped by Faith was created to shape bodies and hearts for His Kingdom purposes.

My hope is that others will be encouraged to take care of their bodies and hearts for God’s purposes. I want to help people to realize they have been endowed with certain unique gifts and talents, which God can use to bring others into a right relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.

YOU were born with a great purpose, and only YOU can do what God has given you to do. Be bold and courageous because the Lord your God is with YOU wherever you go. He sees your heart, motives, desires, and intentions. Allow God to examine your heart and get it right with Him today! Forgiveness is the key to living an abundant life!

To find out more about Shaped by Faith Ministry https://www.shapedbyfaith.com/






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