We've been hearing a lot about school board meetings in the news locally lately, but this is one meeting that I wish I had attended just for the laughs alone!

A school board meeting that happened in Richmond, Virginia last week is going viral right now because of an epic prank. Someone sent in a bunch of fake names of people who wanted to speak and ask questions at the meeting. Naturally, a school board member read all of the names without realizing they were fake names.

Now, these weren't just any names like Joe Smith or Karen Clark. No, these were names that when said out loud, sound like they are funny or dirty sayings. You know something that Bart Simpson would do when calling into Moe's Bar.

Some of these names are inappropriate, so just a heads up on that. However, I highly doubt that you can make it through this clip of the school board meeting without laughing. There's going to be that one name when read out loud, you can't help but laugh at. Check it out for yourself:

Okay...you know you laughed at a few of those names!

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As I said, this video has gone viral on the internet. I even saw that the boys from Impractical Jokers shared the video online too after Barstool Sports shared it.

Who is Cranjis McBasketball, you might be asking? Well, the guys on the show do a similar bit where they are playing receptionists in an office full of people. Their task is to read out as many fake names to either come forward or to go back to their appointment without laughing. Cranjis McBasketball is just one of the many random names they have had to throw out. Here are some of the best moments of the Fake Name Game on the show if you're wanting more laughs!

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