"The quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Truer words have never been spoken. As a man, I 100% agree, but I don't think that sentiment is limited to just men - I think everyone appreciates a good meal. For thousands of years, a universal way to show love and appreciation is to cook for someone, and that hasn't changed. Right now you have the opportunity to show someone, or lots of someones, some Lasagna Love.

What is Lasagna Love?

Lasagna Love is a grassroots movement to help feed people in need in your community - which is done by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. Lasagna Love hopes to also get rid of the stigma that often comes with asking for help. The fact is, there is no shame in that game. We all need help sometimes, and people are willing to help once they know where a need is. Lasagna Love actually works both ways when it comes to food needs - it's for those who want to help, and it's for those who need help.

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This is a national movement, but it's happening in communities all around the country, including here in Evansville. I recently saw a friend of mine post about it on Facebook, saying...

Myself and a whole group of wonderful other people, are making and delivering home-cooked entrees for families who are struggling. Lost income, medical issues, whatever the situation, we want to help! It’s a free meal, neighbors helping neighbors, no strings attached. No contact delivery!

LasagnaLove.org seems super easy to navigate. Visit the site to REQUEST a meal for yourself or even to nominate someone else to receive food. Or, visit the site and volunteer to COOK MEALS for someone in your community.

According to their website, Lasagna Love has over 20,000 volunteers in all 50 states, and they cooking up to 3,500 meals a week. Those are some amazing numbers! How have I not heard about this before? I think more folks need to know about this movement, so let's get the word out, and let's get to cooking!

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