You're trying to get some shopping done, but your kids are not having it. You just want to try on one more pair of jeans, but they are more interested in what's happening over in the toy isle. That's what Dominique Goad‎ was going through Monday. She was doing some shopping with her son and her friend, Breanna Kuhs', daughter at the Eastside Kohl's, and her kids were ready to leave, until a friendly employee came to her rescue! 

Here's her story:

While at Kohl’s *East side* today a worker seen the kids fussy and just trying to do their own thing. So she took time out of her working and started entertaining them. They were cracking up, smiling, and talking with her. Following her as she talked. It was the cutest thing. She could have asked us to keep them calm or not say anything. But she stepped in to help for about 5 mins with the kids. Thank you Kohl’s employee 😊 (if anyone knows her please tell her thank you, she’s an amazing woman and we appreciate her time to help us. True customer service)

Breanna Kuhs / Dominique Goad‎
Breanna Kuhs / Dominique Goad‎

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