Everyone loves mac-n-cheese. I know that is a bold. broad statement, but I think it's safe to say that is a true statement. Mac-N-Cheese is a comfort food that makes us feel warm, fuzzy and happy. It's the same away your Valentine makes you feel, right?

Maybe that's why Kraft felt that mac-n-cheese and Valentine's Day should be combined, or should they? I know I've made delicious and creamy mac-n-cheese as part of a Valentine's Day dinner, so maybe they are on to something.

The latest offering from Kraft has me scratching my head. So, mac-n-cheese is typically an orange/yellow color, right? Should it change for the holiday? Like turning pink for Valentine's Day? Although it might be fun for kid's, I just can't bring myself to eat pink man-n-cheese. I can't bring myself to eat green or purple ketchup either. I want my food to be the color it supposed to be.

But, Kraft has gone a step further. According to Thrillist.com,

Kraft has upgraded its classic noodle-cheese combo with a new, on-theme color and flavor packets for added sweetness.

SWEETNESS??!?!? What? No. Why? That's just crazy.

If you are a food lunatic and want to try this blasphemy of a perfectly amazing comfort food, you will have to keep checking the Kraft website, candykraftmacncheese,com. What? Candy? OMG.

I'm not sure how, when or where they will unveil it, but they better hurry, because V-Day is around two weeks away.

If you find or know how to get a box, let me know.

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