Flowers have long been the popular choice as a symbol of love on Valentine’s Day. The Battle Creek/Kalamazoo area has a number of florists who can fill the bill. In Battle Creek, Horrocks Farm Market, Swonk’s Flowers & Gifts, and Lakeside Florist are sure to please. In Kalamazoo, VanderSalm’s Flower Shop & Garden Center, Schafer’s Flowers, and Wedel’s have great selections.  

But what now is the celebration of love amongst humanity, Valentine’s Day was originally a commemoration of the death of the Christian martyr, Saint Valentine of Rome. 

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The story goes that back in the third century, during the persecution of Christians under the Roman Empire, Saint Valentine of Rome restored the sight of the blind daughter of his jailer. He sent the jailor’s daughter a letter and signed “Your Valentine” as a farewell before his execution. St. Valentines Day became a Christian feast day. 

By the 14th century, the feast day became associated with courtly love. In 18th century England, it grew into a day when couples expressed their love to each other by presenting flowers. 

What some people may not realize, each flower has a symbolic meaning. The rose was the popular choice in the 18th century because it symbolized love. However, not all flowers have that touchy-feely message. Some have a rather dark, and nasty message.

The gallery below will give you a heads-up on 11 flowers you certainly don’t want to give to your loved one.

11 Flowers You Don’t Want To Receive On Valentines Day

The giving of flowers on Valentine's Day became a tradition in the 18th century. The rose was the choice of the day because it symbolized love. Over time, other flowers were added, and each flower is also symbolic. What you may not realize, some flowers have a very negative message! Here is a handy guide that will alert you on 11 flowers you do NOT want to give that special person in your life on that special day celebrating love.

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