It's pretty common knowledge around the office that I am not exactly what you would call a culinary genius. Don't get me wrong, I can make one hell of a grilled cheese sandwich - I'm not kidding about that - and I do have a small arsenal of things that I have mastered.

Somewhere mid-pandemic quarantine, I perfected the most delicious chocolate chip and toffee cookies and peach cobbler that Shawn and I have ever eaten. We also may have packed on a few pounds so I had to stop making them. I mean, normal people eat nine chocolate chip, toffee cookies in one night, right? No, just me? Well, try not to judge me too critically. If you were as used to failing in the kitchen as I am, you'd celebrate your baking win by eating nine cookies too.

I've even been known to burn water. Yes, that really can happen. For those that have never experienced it, it happens when the water boils over the top of the pan and then scorches to the burner. #TrueStory Of course, this also means that I am equally as guilty of overcooking my pasta. This is also a real thing.

There is a sweet spot when it comes to cooking pasta. Too underdone or al dente, and it's a bit on the tough side. Too overdone and the pasta loses it's firmness and becomes too mushy. Don't believe me? Ask a friend with food texture issues. I guarantee they can tell if you over-cooked your pasta. So how do you get it right?

The folks over at Barilla Italia have made it as simple and foolproof (yay for me!) as possible.They've created playlists that are the exact duration of time it takes to cook their various types of pasta to the proper level of done-ness. It turns out all pasta does not require the same duration of time to cook. Whether you're making linguine, penne rigate, or just the classic spaghetti dish, there's a perfect playlist from the pasta brand to help you nail the perfect pasta texture.

There are eight public playlists total from the brand and you can find them all here on Spotify.


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