If you're a regular traveler of U.S. Highway 60 between Owensboro and Henderson, you are well aware of the work being done to expand the Spottsville Bridge.

Well, this week, motorists will be experiencing traffic delays on that highway due to beam replacement work being conducted on that bridge, according to the Kentucky Transporation Cabinet.

And it bears repeating...KYTC says to expect LENGTHY delays.

Closer to home, but also on U.S. Highway 60, on Owensboro's west side, you may have already noticed crews working on sealing the pavement on that stretch of road. That work is scheduled for completion on May 26th and will fix about five miles of Highway 60 from the Industrial Drive/KY 331 intersection to the bridge over Horse Fork Creek. Drivers should expect delays and are asked to go slower in work areas.

And we're not finished.

Due to a failed sewer system, Goetz Drive is closed from Frederica Street to Southtown Boulevard, with only local traffic being allowed. Burns Middle and Elementary Schools are on that road, along with a few other businesses.

The Kentucky Transporation Cabinet says that because of all the rain we've had the past week or so, it's taken longer than expected for the RWRA to complete the job and that project has been extended.

It is not known when it will be completed.

There's a lot of road work happening now so please be aware and drive safely as you pass through these areas.

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