The Hodge family from Owensboro is making their sweet dreams a reality with a brand-new curbside creamery ice cream truck and we've got the "scoop".

Chris Hodge and his wife, Heather, know a thing or two about ice cream.  They are part founders of Twin Lakes Ice Creamery and Inn both in Leitchfield and Beaver Dam.  Angel here and our family visited Twin Lakes at Spring Break and absolutely loved it.  I had the opportunity to catch up with Chris this weekend on Facebook and get the whole "scoop" on the ice cream business.

Here's what he had to say about the journey to Hodges Curbside Creamery:

I was born and raised in Leitchfield Kentucky. I lived there for almost 20 years. It wasn't until 2011 that my wife and myself moved to Owensboro. Owensboro is where we decided to plant our roots. I started Owensboro Police Department in 2014 and left in 2018 to work for Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline. Heather and myself have 2 beautiful girls together, Paislee (9) and Serenity (4). I also have a son from my previous relationship, his name is Braylon (12). My wife, Heather has been my biggest cheerleader and supporter with anything that we've decided to do with our family. I couldn't have asked for someone better to live life with. The ice cream business all started in the early summer of 2020 when a High School friend and myself founded Twin Lakes Ice Creamery and Inn in Leitchfield Ky. By day I worked at Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline and by night, I was putting in countless hours developing ice cream recipes for TL. While at TL, I developed the majority of the popular flavors. Once we opened, I would work my regular 4 days at Southern Star and work 4 days at Twin Lakes. Needless to say, it was very challenging for our family. COVID 19 in full swing and the drive to Leitchfield was exhausting. After 4 months, My wife and I decided that it would be best for our family if we sold our part of the business to my High School friend's family. A few months after leaving Twin Lakes, my wife and myself decided that we could do an ice cream trailer. So the idea began. Hodge's Curbside Creamery. We started planning things around December 2020. It took a solid month to find our trailer. In early January 2021, my dad and I drove to Birmingham Alabama to pick up our cargo trailer. It's 8.5 ft wide x 7ft tall x 18ft long. We drove this car hauler to Owensboro and started working on building this thing.

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Chris and Heather didn't go the road alone.  He says it could not be possible without his dad:

My dad Kevin Bruce is another MVP with this whole build process. We literally took an empty shell and converted this into an awesome food trailer. This build process was nothing short of challenging. It took us little over 4 months to get this trailer built. With COVID 19 still going on, logistics have been tough. Here we are in May 2021 and our trailer is fully done.

With the trailer fully done they can hit the road and start serving it up all over.  Chris says they will be able to be found all over Owensboro:

We will be setting up at various places across town. We are signed up Owensboro Regional Farmers Market. We hope to set up at least one day a week there. We are registered with Friday After 5 and plan to attend the majority of the events. We are also setting up in various neighborhoods across Daviess County. If you have would like for us to set up someone, you can find us on Facebook, go to our website; or send us an email at
On to the sweetest part...THE MENU.  There will be 12 rotating flavors on the Big O Ice Cream Menu throughout the summer.  They want to try and stay local with ingredients as much as possible and will feature a Bourbon Ball ice cream flavor made with Green River Distillery Bourbon and other flavors to be released.
Chris said he is so thankful for the support of so many especially his wife, Heather through the whole process.
Owensboro welcomes you Hodges Curbside Creamery...BRING ON THE ICE CREAM!

Owensboro Family Bringing Curbside Homemade Ice Cream Truck To Town

The Hodge family from Owensboro is making their sweet dreams a reality with a brand-new curbside creamery ice cream truck and we've got the "scoop". 

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