What if kids ran our country? They might not want to share or eat their veggies, but things would be more simple. Six year old Mac might not be ready to be President, but he has already ran his own election.

He was inspired by seeing his parents vote early. Mac wanted to give kids a chance to voice their opinions on who should be President. His parents set up a polling location called Mac's Kid Voting Booth, just for kids, in front of their house. He used a simple paper ballot and a box. His family even went the extra step of having special stickers made for the voters.

One vote should equal one vote, and with Mac's system, that's how the votes were counted. I'm a grown adult, and I still don't understand the math with elections. I feel like Michael Scott every time I watch the results.


In all fairness to Mickey Mouse, he was not invited to the debates. It would be fun to say our country is a 'Mickey Mouse' operation, because Mickey was actually running it.

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