When it comes to dessert, I can't get enough, I inherited my Grandma B's sweet tooth, so that means that after I eat, I have to have something sweet. For me, when asked if I want dessert, it's always a firm., yes. I don't mind sharing it, but I have to have it to complete the meal.

I'm even willing to try new things, as long as they don't include mint or coconut. But, even if it's something I have never tried or even heard of, I'll give it a go.

My friends Kevin and Shelly are on a cruise right now. Shelly posted this video on her Facebook page and I was mesmerized at the artistic assembly of this dessert. It's called On the Table and apparently, it is served on cruise ships. That explains why I may be late to this dessert party since I have never been on a cruise.

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The dessert chef/artist literally makes the dessert on the table in front of you. Think of it as a dessert Hibachi. The chef rolls a cart out to your table with all of the ingredients and starts making the dessert on a tabletop.

It's so beautiful. According to Shelly, the jelly’s were so so, the cookie was lacking taste but the white chocolate ball was full of goodness.

Take a mouthwatering, awe-inspiring look at the making of an On the Table dessert.


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