The new splash pad playground at the Lou Dennis Community Park has been open since Saturday, June 5, 2021, but this week it's been closed. There are some behind-the-scenes issues with the mechanics, and the splash pad will remain closed until further notice.

Earlier this week, there was speculation from Newburgh residents that the safety issue had to do with how slippery it is.

"We were just there with our kids Monday. My husband was commenting on a couple of things that looked a bit unsafe. And it was definitely super slippery, I was nervous when the kids would run across it. Our kids are older (8 & 11) so I was less nervous than I would be if they were little. But hopefully, it’s a relatively quick, low-cost fix." - Starla Baresic

While the kids slipping and falling seems to be an issue, according to the Lou Dennis Community Park Facebook page, the splash pad is closed because it can't be sanitized properly.

The splash pad features that are visible to the public are a small part of a whole system. That system is made up of three components that run the splash pad. One of those three components has malfunctioned. The splash pad itself could still run, but we would not be able to properly sanitize the water so for that reason we have shut down the splash pad. Safety is the most important thing to us and we are working with our maintenance staff and the installers staff to get the situation resolved.

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