There is a truly unique place in Michigan where you can see one of the finest examples of our planet doing amazing things. Mystery Valley, located in Posen in Presque Isle County is considered to be one of the most interesting karst valley areas with a swallow hole in Michigan. According to one visitor, the earthly phenomena was alleged to once be an attraction for someone to try and capitalize off of:

Art Poch, a real estate developer and outdoorsman, bought one of the largest sink valleys in Michigan in the 1950s, hoping to strike it rich with a tourist attraction that would rival Mammoth Cave and Carlsbad Caverns. He coined the name Mystery Valley for what's thought to be one of the largest known collapse structures in the Great Lakes region. Alas, either Art's money or health gave out. All that is left of Mystery Valley is a fireplace that Art had built for tourists, and a mildly awesome free public site where visitors can see large splits in the valley that gradually descend 150 feet from the surface.

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Please Do Not Enter Earth Cracks

There are many signs that read those words, as a warning to those who visit this failed attraction turned free natural wonder. There are times in the summer when the lake is completely dried out, but still many people across Michigan visit Posen each year for this attraction and their annual Potato Festival. This is really one of the top natural marvels in Michigan. The park entrance is located at 14894 Leer Rd, Posen, MI 49776.

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