We are less than 55 days until Christmas, and many stores and continuing their tradition of being closed on Thanksgiving so employees can be with their families for the holiday. 

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Last year was (I think) a BIG wake-up call for some big retail stores when it comes to Black Friday Shopping. With the pandemic going on, they had to find different ways to get people to shop, without having mobs of crowds in the stores.

Some just did sales online, others opened and had limited people in them, but others completely closed so that their employees could enjoy the holiday with their families. And as we move into the fall months, some of those big retail giants have announced that they will be closed once again on Thanksgiving, and some have announced their plans for the holiday.

Don't get me wrong, there still will be stores opening on Thanksgiving if you were hoping to get back into the Black Friday frenzy of saving. So, for those who like the hustle and bustle of Black Friday you're in luck, but some major players in the retail business will not be opening their doors. This list is small for both open and closed stores, but I feel as we get closer to the holiday both lists will grow, and we will update the list as more stores announce their holiday plans.

Retail Stores Closed on Thanksgiving

These retails stores have announced that they will be closed on Thanksgiving 2021.

Stores Open for Thanksgiving 2021

These store will be open on Thanksgiving 2021!

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