There's no doubt that this year's Black Friday will look and feel different than any other Black Friday in our history. I have to think that stores will be way less crowded, which may lead to bigger lines outside, which could lead to more impatience and possibly anger (let's hope I'm wrong about that). There's no doubt that a big chunk of people will do their shopping from home - in fact, according to  "70% of consumers are “not likely at all” or “somewhat unlikely” to shop in stores on Black Friday, and merchants expect online sales to make up a much larger portion of their total sales compared to last year."

So, are you gonna be one of the millions and millions of shoppers on Friday? Have you already begun planning your attack? Before you go any further, you might want to take a look at the gallery below - it features the 25 best places to shop on Black Friday, according to a study done by For the purposes of this study, the word 'best' has to do with stores offering the best discounts this year. In order to make those determinations, the folks at Wallethub surveyed nearly 7,000 deals from 26 of the biggest U.S. retailers’ 2020 Black Friday ad scans.

So, whether you're shopping online or in person, you should probably check out the discounts being offered at these stores/sites. But first, watch this hilarious parody song and get yourself really pumped up for the big day!

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25 Best Places to Shop on Black Friday

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