2020 has been a year of many firsts for a lot of us, today I had another one of those firsts, my first COVID test.  Without going into too much detail, I found out I was around someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Out of an abundance of caution I've been quarantined, and in contact with the Indiana State Health Department, fun right?

Even though I'm currently feeling fine, it was recommended by the health department that I go ahead and get a test since I know I was exposed to someone who was COVID-19 positive, so today I did just that and wanted to share my experience with you.

This stuff can be seriously overwhelming, and the thought that I could potentially have a very easily transmitted infectious disease is quite a scary thought.  I'm hoping this test will ease my mind (fingers crossed)! But to get the test I was a bit nervous on what all it entailed, so if you're like me and want details I've got them for you!

First up if you need to get a COVID test you'll need to make an appointment.  I did it all online after calling the local COVID-19 triage line and they told me which site to look for.  I got tested at the drive-through testing site off Lynch and Green River Road.  It is asked that you keep a mask on when in your car at the testing site, I just pulled my mask down when I got the actual test done. When I pulled up I had to get in a line of cars and wait my turn. In the mean time a woman with an iPad (I assume she's probably a nurse or something as she was also in scrubs) came to my window and took my info, as you do need an appointment at this location. Then I waited in line a bit more until it was my turn to get swabbed.

The entire process from the time I got in line until I drove away took about 30 minutes, but the line was quite long so I didn't think 30 minutes was too bad of a wait.  The test itself only took itself about 15 seconds total (if that).  When I pulled up I was instructed to put my car in park, and asked if I'd had a COVID test before, I guess I'm lucky  because I was able to say no (I made it until August, so I'll take that as some weird 2020 win I guess).  He had me tilt my head back and took a long swab and stuck it up my nose, and had to do both sides.  It really wasn't bad, it felt like when you get pool water up your nose, and get that burning sensation, about like that.  My eyes did water quite a bit however, and I was assured that it's completely normal.

Now I'm home, and I'm feeling fine.  The test was uncomfortable, but not the worst thing in the world, and everyone working was very nice and informative.  I've had a flu test before, and I'd say that's semi comparable, but the COVID test lasts longer. I kind of also felt like they were taking a sample of my brain because how far they shoved that stick up my nose! I apologize for whatever image that gave you.

So anyways I'm waiting my results, and hoping for an all clear even though I'll still be quarantining per IN State Health Dept guidelines, just because I want to make absolutely sure I won't put anyone at risk when I go out. But if you were curious at all what a drive up COVID-19 test was like that's about it. It wasn't super exciting, but it was fairly quick and mostly painless (minus the whole burning sensation).

If you'd like more resources on COVID or think you need a test, the health department has a ton of resources, you can click here for Indiana's Department of Health info, and click here for Kentucky's.

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