Who knew helping out penguins could be so delicious?  As I'm sure you've heard there's something BIG and exciting coming to Evansville's own Mesker Park Zoo, penguins! This is a huge project that has been in the works for a really long time, and it's very close to finally being a reality. Mesker Park Zoo has been very hard at work getting the exhibit built for their new penguin friends to live in.  As the exhibit has been under construction, Mesker Park Zoo has a giant inflatable penguin named Hubert that they've been placing all over town and at different events to raise awareness for the excitement that is coming!

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The countdown is on for the upcoming Penguins of Patagonia exhibit too! While we haven't heard an exact date yet from Mesker Park Zoo, they've said September sometime is when they hope to open the exhibit, so fingers crossed we'll be able to see penguins soon! In the meantime, you can help Mesker Park Zoo by eating pizza!

Azzip Pizza hosts Pot of Dough giveback events, where you show them a coupon and 5% of sales will go back to the organization they're helping. Now they're having this fundraiser for Mesker Park Zoo! Here's what the zoo says about the fundraiser:

Eat pizza and support Penguins of Patagonia!
Today kicks off the Azzip Pizza Pot of Dough Fundraiser, September 1 through November 30!
The Zoo will earn 5% of net food and beverage sales directly back to our organization throughout this timeframe, and a chance to be awarded a $1,000 prize in the first 10 days. Each $1 in net food and beverage purchases also earns us 1 entry in the Pot of Dough drawings for a chance to win $10,000.
Monies earned from the Pot of Dough fundraiser for the Evansville Zoological Society will be used to support The Kinney Family Penguins of Patagonia.
The fundraiser is ongoing now. To get the coupon to use at Azzip, click here or see the Mesker Park Zoo Facebook post, below.

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